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Great way to try our products!

Ask us a question, simply go to our website at WWW.BEESWORK.COM, and go to contact us!

If you would like to purchase samples of our products there will be a $30.00 charge plus a shipping/handeling cost of $6.95. Total samples with shipping cost $36.95. This will include most of our face care products and a shave cream. Please fill out an email sample request & email us your credit card information You can find an "Email Us" form on the website at "Contact Us".

Your samples will be mailed as soon as possible!

*the samples will include .5oz fabuleux visage face cream, 1oz nature's cleanser face wash, 1oz nature's lotion, guest size soap (you can specify a preference), 1oz shaving cream and .5oz herbal salve. If you would also like a sample of our lip rouge, please specify in your email.