1 ounce Organic Hand & Foot BeeBalm
1 ounce Organic Herbal Salve
1.5" x 8.5" Single Pillar Candle
12" x 7/8" Hand-dipped Taper Candles
16oz Nature's Lotion Value Size
2 ounces Organic hand & Foot BeeBalm
2" x 12" Single Pillar
2oz Organic Chest Cold and Flu Balm
3" x 3" Single Pillar Candle
4" Baby and Bee Candle Torch
4" Bee Candle Torch
4" Candle Tomato Torch
7/8" x 6" Pillar Candles (4 Pack)
7/8" x 8" Pillar Candles (4 Pack)
8" x 7/8" Hand-dipped Tapers
8oz Herbal Salve
9oz Herbal Salve
Baby's Gold Slicing Soap 16oz
Baby's Gold Soap 2oz Trial Size
Baby's Gold Soap 5oz
Bath Salts and Organic Bath Oils
Bee Candle Torches 10 Pack (See: 4" Candle Torch)
Body Soap - 8 Blends
Candles & Candle Torches
Chamomile Bath Salts 4oz
Chamomile Bath Salts 8oz
Chamomile Soap 16oz Slicing Bar
Chamomile Soap 2oz Trial Size
Chamomile Soap 5oz
Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Bath Oil - Organic
Eucalyptus Lip Balm - Organic
EuroSpice Bath Salts 4oz
EuroSpice Bath Salts 8oz
EuroSpice Soap 16oz Slicing Bar
EuroSpice Soap 2oz Trial Size
EuroSpice Soap 5oz
Fabuleux Visage Face Cream 2oz
Fabuleux Visage Face Cream 4oz
Face & Body Care
Herbal Salve
Herbal Salve .5oz Trial Size- Organic
Herbal Salve 2oz
Home Care

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