.8 Herbal Salve in Amber Glass Jar (Purse or Pocket Size)
1 ounce Organic Hand & Foot BeeBalm
1 ounce Organic Herbal Salve
1.5" x 8.5" Single Pillar Candle
12" x 7/8" Hand-dipped Taper Candles
16oz Nature's Lotion Value Size
16oz Unscented Olive Oil Soap
2 ounces Organic hand & Foot BeeBalm
2" x 12" Single Pillar
2oz Muscle Rub
2oz Organic Chest Cold and Flu Balm
3" x 3" Single Pillar Candle
4" Baby and Bee Candle Torch
4" Bee Candle Torch
4" Candle Tomato Torch
4oz Lavender Bath Salts Cobalt Jar
6.3oz Unscented Soap
7/8" x 6" Pillar Candles (4 Pack)
7/8" x 8" Pillar Candles (4 Pack)
8" x 7/8" Hand-dipped Tapers
9oz Herbal Salve in Light Safe Amber Jar! Value Size!
Baby's Gold Slicing Soap 16oz
Baby's Gold Soap 5oz
Bath Salts
Bee Candle Torches 10 Pack (See: 4" Candle Torch)
Body Soap - 10 Blends 2 NEW 100% Soaps
Candles & Candle Torches
Chamomile Bath Salts 4oz
Chamomile Bath Salts 8oz
Chamomile Soap 16oz Slicing Bar
Chamomile Soap 5oz
Eucalyptus Lip Balm - Organic
EuroSpice Bath Salts 4oz
EuroSpice Bath Salts 8oz
Fabuleux Visage Face Cream 2oz
Fabuleux Visage Face Cream 4oz
Face & Body Care
Herbal Salve
Herbal Salve .5oz Trial Size- Organic
Herbal Salve 2oz
Home Care
Lavender Bath Salts 9oz Cobalt Jar

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