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Traveller Sample Kit! 
A fantastic way to try most of our organic products
Great for graduation or "special friend" gift!
Don't leave home without it!

Whether you are off for a leisurely vacation or on a business trip, you'll feel right at home with the Travel Kit. No more smelly hotel soaps! This small, convenient case contains whatever you'll need to stay clean and relaxed. (Please note, however, we hadn't room for shampoo/conditioner, so don't forget to pack it!)

Includes: Four Trial size soaps; Lavender, Chamomile, and EuroSpice and Oatmeal Scrub. A 2oz size of our Organic Nature's Lotion and 1oz Organic Nature's Cleanser, Organic Fabuleux Visage Face Cream (.5oz trial size) and 2oz Eurospice Bath Salts. One Organic Mandarin Peel Lip Balm and a 1oz Organic Shave cream and 1 .5oz Organic Herbal Salve! Complimentary bee candle torch (matches)!

Traveler Sample Kit 2000$59.95